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The Internet and modern communications have the power to revolutionise learning for schools and LEAs willing to invest in new technologies. Demands for more information, better communication, closer interaction and peer group collaboration are ever present and demand a strategic approach to solutions.

The benefits of online Managed Learning Environments to schools and educators are well recognised, bringing true anytime access to resources and peers for those involved in the learning process - and Spider has been at the forefront of delivering those benefits through our award-winning services for nearly a decade. Teachers can now store, distribute, retrieve and return work online, while also using powerful web applications to communicate with local, regional, national and international colleagues. As education continues to change, Spider Networks has a suite of Internet services to transform the learning process for any pupil or teacher.

Our award-winning solutions have been endorsed by such eminent learning authorities as the Department for Education and Skills, Scottish, English and Welsh Local Education Authorities and Egypt's Ministry of Education.

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Wolverhampton City Council Dundee City Council Shetland Isles Council

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What Our Customers Say

"Spider Networks is an essential partner in all areas of our online service delivery. Its support in assisting Dundee Council achieve not only our ICT objectives, but also the learning objectives behind them, has been invaluable. I heartily recommend Spider Networks to any Education Authority wishing to energise its ICT portfolio."
Keith Thomson, ICT officer for Dundee City Council

Press Releases

Spider Networks' Defines New Rules for Britain's e-Learning System

Spider Networks, the power behind interactive web communications, today launches nationwide a new online solution that supports one of the Government's key goals in transforming e-learning in Britain. Called ePortfolio, the solution enables every schoolchild in Britain to now have a personal online portfolio showcasing best work and allowing parents and teachers online limited access to that work.

Success Stories

Dundee City CouncilSpider Networks started working with Dundee City Council in 2001, initially to provide filtered, virus-free email to all teacher and student users.

Wolverhampton City CouncilWolverhampton City Council boasts a progressive Local Education Authority, keen to exploit the latest technologies as a means of helping them improve student achievement.