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Innovative Associations are now looking to leverage the power and potential of their websites and transform them into interactive gateways providing new and compelling online services to retain and attract new members.

With Spider, Associations can enable their websites to deliver significant benefits to members & supporters:

Get members more involved in the affairs of their Association.
Become the de-facto industry specific portal where all members and key constituencies go to communicate with the Association and amongst themselves, and access new information.
Improve members' areas with value-added applications.
Generate new and incremental sources of revenue.
Segment members providing them with dedicated interactive areas to communicate on specific issues.
Provide online training and ongoing professional development.
Provide more effective administration support for members and key interest groups
Streamline cumbersome and costly distribution of information
Introduce online registration and secure collection of subscriptions

Spider's interactive web communications solutions enable professional institutions, trade associations, consumer organisations, charities and other national societies to seize the initiative and realise these benefits.

As the pillar for online communications and the sharing of knowledge, members can use our solutions to create live working groups to interact on key issues. Administrators save valuable time, resource and money in distributing association documents, or in organising member meetings and conferences. Associations become proactive using Spider's SMS and streaming audio and video services to alert and brief industry leaders on key issues that might impact members' bottom line.

You too can win with Spider's Interactive Associations Portal, call +44 (0) 20 7664 7811, or email jim@spider-networks.net.


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