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Today's intelligent enterprise has no edge. Central and remote operations are one, all sharing fresh corporate knowledge and data in real time to achieve new levels of business efficiency and productivity. Operations managers, sales and marketing teams, support staff, resellers and suppliers ... all involved in your business chain can interact on one dynamic communications and data sharing platform to get the job done.

The old and expensive client/server model is making way for the new web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Small and large companies can now solve their complex communications problems with our fast, secure, easy and most affordable intranet/extranet solution; Virtual Office.

With Spider, enterprises can create a robust portal for employees and all external stakeholders in a matter of days:

Business forums can be formed across the enterprise, allowing members to securely interact on fresh corporate knowledge, challenges, and goals.
Corporate communications with stakeholders, employees, and resellers can become dynamic by streaming audio and video briefings direct to the desktops and laptops of all.
Best-practice e-learning portals can be bolted-on to websites to support employee development and retention.
Secure management meetings can be held online.
IT managers can eliminate the costly practice of upgrading individual desktops and laptops in the enterprise network with the latest versions of software and security patches ... with Spider's hosted solutions, it's done once at the server-level.
IT managers can implement a virus-free messaging strategy through webmail saving valuable IT resources, bandwidth and time.

Built upon established web protocols, Spider's best-of-breed dynamic communications solutions are deployed as the hub of Enterprise Intranets & Extranets across the spectrum of public and private businesses.

You too can win with Spider's Enterprise Virtual Office, call +44 (0) 20 7664 7811, or email jim@spider-networks.net.


Enterprise Virtual Office

Spider's best-of-breed dynamic communications solutions are deployed as the hub of Enterprise Intranets & Extranets across the spectrum of public and private businesses. Learn more

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Analyst Overview

Image of Robin Bloor - Founder and Chief Research Officer, www.bloor-research.com"The software industry is increasingly moving to software as a service. The advantages are clear: faster time to value coupled with much lower implementation and operational costs."
Robin Bloor, Partner Hurwitz and Associates chief research officer, Bloor Research

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"Spider Networks' hosted intranet solution is now the hub of this transport company's business. Today, we enjoy better, more streamlined business communications as a result."
Colin Craig, managing director, West Coast Motors

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Spider Networks Drives West Coast Motors' Intranet

Spider Networks today announces that West Coast Motors (WCM), a local and long distance bus services company serving Scotland's Argyll region, has deployed Spider's hosted services and interactive web communications solutions to create an enterprise intranet for its managers and employees.


Success Stories

West Coast Motors logo West Coast Motors approached Spider Networks with a pressing business need. Its expansion had created a communications gap between head office and each of the centres and between centres. Greater efficiency in communicating vital information to managers and employees across every location had become a critical operational issue.