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What Our Customers Say

"Deploying Spider's interactive communications tools on our website has become arguably one of the most important corporate events in Falkirk Football Club's history."

George Craig, managing director, Falkirk Football Club

"BISCit's business is all about retaining customers-for-life and that means delivering each and all sustained value and service every day of the year. By white-labelling Spider's virtual office, BISCit again differentiates its business model and provides enterprises with a virtual office that simply bolts-on to a website and transforms it into a truly secure interactive intranet or extranet without spending one technology cent."
Michael Edwards, CEO, BISCit

"Spider Networks is an essential partner in all areas of our online service delivery. Its support in assisting Dundee Council achieve not only our ICT objectives, but also the learning objectives behind them, has been invaluable. I heartily recommend to any Education Authority wishing to energise its ICT portfolio."
Keith Thomson, ICT Officer for Dundee City Council

"Raith Rovers FC has long been a central part of the Fife community. Leveraging the power of Spider's web technology, we've now created a platform for fans and local businesses to feel more involved with our affairs, and to offer a range of new services that support the finances of the club."
John Drysdale, commercial & community manager, Raith Rovers FC

"Sportnetwork is all about developing online communities for 160 sports clubs and associations around Britain. Our business partnership with Spider means that supporters and club members can use Spider's powerful interactive communications solutions to better support, interact and communicate with their clubs, and amongst themselves."
Dave Picken, Sportnetwork

"Spider Networks' hosted intranet solution is now the hub of this transport company's business. Today, we enjoy better, more streamlined business communications as a result."
Colin Craig, managing director, West Coast Motors