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Interactive Associations Portal

Spider Networks has developed a unique set of solutions to give your Association a distinct Advantage.

Redefine the interaction between your members and the Association online by opening new lines of communication and new sources of revenue. Transform your existing web presence from a content-driven site to a truly interactive portal by deploying Spider's Interactive Associations Portal. Spider Networks allows you to create a members area that makes the interaction uniquely personal for each of your members, creating a living, vibrant community.

At the heart of your new member's portal is an interactive Members Area made up of our integrated, tailored suite of solutions. By simply adding a log-in snippet to your existing website, members can register and pay online for your new member services. They then enter a hosted environment with your brand that provides them with your own customised content and a navigation bar full of value-added applications.

Your Advantage


Key Benefits

New revenue streams

Enhances your members program

Complements your existing website

Promotes your brand awareness

Customised to meet your specific requirements

Designed to meet the needs of your members and external supporters

Association Members Services

Association Branded Email & more:
Image depicting Email Internet services for every member - a personal, association branded email; john@yourassociation.com, online hard drives with file storage, calendars, address books, web photo albums and more.
Interactive Centres:
Image of a laptop and hands Provide multiple, distinct areas for the Association, its members, internal staff and committees to interact. For example, a Research Centre may have their own area, with their own discussion forums, live chat rooms, shared address books and calendars, public and private file storage for their important documents, association branded webmail, photo albums, polls and much more .
SMS News Alerts:
Breaking news alerts delivered within minutes to the handset of every subscribing member. Launch new promotions, highlight feature events, market partner services and update association news to every member, every time. Premium SMS services allow for revenue generating polls, competitions and more.
Online Media Centres:
Image of a camera and headphones Stream full audio/video coverage of every press conference, interview, important event, featured broadcast and Association news to the desktop or laptop of every subscriber. Industry experts can provide added value to your members. Your online radio station and TV station provides on-demand insight and information never previously available to your members.
Online Training Centre:
Image of girl with headset on Provides audio and video training sessions accompanied by Spider's unique threaded discussion forums, ePortfolio and chat to make it a truly interactive experience.
Online Event Centre:
Image of a diary Where members can schedule their own events, the Association can co-ordinate an events diary, corporate partners can access a hospitality diary, the Association can alert members to the next training sessions and more... All from one integrated view. These can be enhanced with appropriate photo images to make your event come alive.

Member Administrative Functions for your Association

Membership Management:
Gives you complete control over your new Interactive Associations Portal. All aspects of access control, user grouping, resource sharing, domain management and much more are controlled from a single management interface, and Spider will work to optimise these settings for your own needs. We allow you to shape and mould your own online environment.
Online Registration:
Allows you to gather the information you require from each of your members to better segment and target the right information to the right person. You define the information you would like to collect.
Online Collections:
Provides for a simple PAL credit card collection for each of your members.
Online Support Centre:
Allows you to be more responsive to your members support needs.

Association Intranet

Spider's Intranet solution is perfect for a large Association with multiple locations. Our powerful suite of applications allow large associations to communicate internally across multiple locations and externally with your key stakeholders. A logical complement to your new member services all from one platform.

Learn more today by contacting Jim Conroy on +44 (0) 20 7664 7811 or email jim@spider-networks.net.