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ISP Plus

Spider Networks has developed a unique suite of web-based applications to complement your broadband offerings. ISP Plus allows you to pick & choose award- winning communications applications based on your market segments. There is no need to develop them yourself and no need for new hardware or software. Our revenue share model means that there are no upfront costs. You can host or we can host. Differentiate your services today.

Your Advantage

Key Benefits

Provides significant new revenue streams at no cost

Differentiates your access products

Provides award winning applications under your own brand

Grows revenue in each of your key segments; consumer, SME, vertical markets and resellers

Robust, scaleable applications with over 50 man years of development

Why build when you can use today via a proven revenue share model

We host or you can host

Basic Consumer Offering:
ISP Basic consumer offering image We recognise that ISPs must offer a basic webmail and address book offering to complement their broadband services. Offer consumer and business customers an award-winning webmail ranked above MSN and Yahoo by WebUser Magazine to provide basic interactivity. But we offer more than just an email service...
Gold Consumer Offering:
ISP gold consumer offering image The basic service that may come free with your broadband now provides you with an upward migration path to capture significant new revenue streams and differentiate your services. The Gold service includes the basic offerings plus integrated photoAlbums, calendar, file storage, website builder and more providing true differentiation and locking your consumers in to your service for life.
Small Business Offering:
ISP small business offering image Capture and retain the profitable SME intranet/extranet market by offering our web-based 'virtual office' suite. A full suite of intranet/extranet applications are a must-have for those businesses looking to outsource their desktop requirements. Hosted, software-on-demand is one of the highest growth segments of the market. With Spider, ISPs now have the opportunity to capture this exciting growth segment.
Vertical Markets Offering:
ISP vertical markets offering image Build your presence in other lucrative vertical markets by leveraging your embedded base and utilising Spider's tried & tested product offerings in key sectors under your own brand.

Each of our existing services and upcoming new vertical offerings can easily be white-labelled by an ISP to take advantage of our product development.
Other Channels; VISPs, VARs & Affiliates:
Other channels image Generate more revenue from your VISPs, VARs, Resellers and Affinity partners by providing them with our white-labelled applications that they can resell under their own brand to their customer base.

Learn more today by contacting Jim Conroy on +44 (0) 20 7664 7811 or email jim@spider-networks.net.