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At Spider Networks, we are very proud of our history. Postmaster, Europe's first free web-based email service is still going strong, since its launch in 1996. Over 200,000 members enjoy a feature-rich email client that also allows people to interact through an exciting and vibrant forum community, a dating style eFriends channel and also allows them to express their opinions in the polling system.

Spider's best of breed applications power Postmaster's online collaboration services, including email, calendar, discussion forums, online hard drives and a simple point and click web site builder. We were one of the first email providers to give our customers a massive 1GB inbox, and now our Gold members enjoy a 2GB spam-free inbox.

Spider's Postmaster product has been voted "Simply the best" by Web User magazine and has enabled over half a million users to manage their email online.

To find out more about Postmaster and signup for a free web-based email account with best-of-breed anti-spam and anti-virus features, visit http://www.postmaster.co.uk.

Your Advantage

Key Benefits

Hosted, web-based free email service

Award winning suite of collaborative applications

No hardware or software to buy, install or maintain

Safe, secure, easy to use and always available

Ability to upgrade to a premium service with enterprise level email robust servers

Increases productivity

All you need is a computer and web access

Member Services

Basic Consumer Offering:
Image of Spider logo in red We offer an award winning webmail and address book to our members, ranked above MSN and Yahoo by WebUser Magazine. But we offer more than just an email service - discussion forums, electronic greetings cards and a eFirends dating service. This product comes with a massive 1GB inbox and is advertising supported, with anti-spam features included at no cost.
Gold Consumer Offering:
Image of Spider logo in gold For power users and people want to access their email via a traditional PC client such as Outlook or Thunderbird we offer our Gold service. The Gold service includes the basic offerings plus calendar, file storage, website builder and more, including a massive 2GB inbox with anti-virus and anti-spam filtering.

Learn more today by contacting Jim Conroy on +44 (0) 20 7664 7811 or email jim@spider-networks.net.