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Sports Club Advantage

Spider Networks transforms your online experience by adding a whole new layer of content and interaction to your existing Internet presence. Our subscription-based services enable you to draw on the most valuable assets of the club - the people, the brand, and the stories that the media don't report - to enable you to open the doors of the club to your supporters, and engage them in a whole new way.

Spider has developed a complete suite of services for the sport club market which our customers can pick & choose from. These can be categorised as our Members area, online commerce areas, intranet for the club itself and our administrative functions to run your new interactive members area.

Your Advantage

Key Benefits

Transforms your official website into a dynamic, revenue generating and community building asset

No cost to the club, rather a revenue share model where Spider sends money to the club on a quarterly basis

Provides innovative, valued services for fans

Minimal support required from the club

The club controls and shapes the new online members area

Generates new media opportunities significantly raising the club's profile in the local and international communities

Member Services

Club Branded Email & more:
Image of @ symbol Internet services for every supporter - a personal, club branded email; john@yourclub.com, online hard drives with file storage, calanders, address books, web photo albums and more.
Interactive Centres:
Image of a football stadium The club can schedule interactions of every sort, from question and answer sessions with key players or staff to supporter's trusts with Spider's forums and real time chat rooms. All access is controlled by the club. Unlike traditional message boards, open to anyone for registration, Spider's solutions target services only to subscribed, fee-paying supporters giving them a truly unique experience with the club. Get direct feedback from your fans via our innovative polls.
SMS News Alerts:
Breaking news alerts delivered within minutes to the handset of every subscribing fan. Launch new promotions, highlight feature events, market partner services and update team news to every supporter, every time.  Premium SMS services allow for revenue generating polls, competitions and more
Online Media Centres:
Image of a camera and headphones Stream full audio coverage of every press conference, interview, announcement and club news to the desktop of every subscriber. Your online radio station provides on-demand insight and information never previously available to your supporters. Stream full video coverage of match highlights, action replays, feature broadcasts and more all streamed to the screens of every supporter's personal desktop or laptop. The club online TV station becomes the centre of all the best moments of the season.

Online Commerce Solutions

Online Store & Online Ticketing:
Spider provides an online-shop with the ability to handle a wide range of products. Our complete management system allows clubs to drive all aspects of their product and fullfilment strategy. Clubs with no previous online presence have realised a three to fivefold increase in their merchandise revenues through their website. Our online ticketing solution makes it easier for your fans to purchase tickets resulting in increased attendance.

Member Administrative Functions for the Club

At the heart of your new members portal is an interactive Members Area made up of our integrated, tailored suite of solutions. By simply adding a log-in snippet to your existing website fans can register and pay online for your new member services. They then enter a hosted environment with your brand that provides them with your customised content and a navigation bar full of value-added applications.

Membership Management:
Have complete control over your new Sports Club Offering. All aspects of access control, user grouping, resource sharing, domain management and much more are controlled from a single management interface, and Spider will work to optimise these settings for your own needs. We allow you to shape and mould your own online environment.
Online Registration
Allows you to gather the information you require from each of your fans to better segment and target the right information to the right person. You define the information you would like to collect.
Online Collections
Provides for a simple PAL credit card collection for each of your members. Spider pays the club on a regular basis!
Online Support Centre
Allows you to be more responsive to your fans support needs.

Club Intranet

Club intranets can securely co-exist alongside the supporters areas, allowing key club staff and stakeholders to have their own meeting place on the web, with enterprise-level applications at their disposal from any Internet device.

In a few short weeks you can enjoy new income streams and commercial opportunities - take a look at our successes so far to see why you should call Spider Networks today.

Learn more today by contacting Andy Sime on +44 (0)20 7664 7811 or email sales@spider-networks.net.